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Land displacement monitoring

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Land Displacement Monitoring Service originated from InSAR*2 analysis and is capable of detecting timely vertical land displacement, in millimeters, over a wide area. In addition, this service enables periodical observation and understanding of land subsidence and deformation.
*InSAR:Interferometric SAR. The technology to detect land displacement with ㎜ accuracy.

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Assumed Issues

  • Taking excessive time and personal expenses to figure out the land displacement in a wide area.
  • Despite some mobility restrictions, this service can be used in areas that are difficult to physically enter during a disaster, or a remote site survey is necessary.

Benefits And Outputs

  • Cost reduction compared to existing methods can be considered.
  • Cost can be reduced as you can purchase any area you want.
  • Greatly reduce the lead time for the survey.
  • Improving the frequency of maintenance and management etc...

This solution would support

  • Road, Tunnel and railway construction: Land subsidence/ uplift, Landslide
  • Construction management: Landfill, Cutting, Land elevation, Soil improvement
  • Public facility management: Port, Airport
  • Disaster prevention facility management: Dike, Breakwater, Seawall
  • Energy and resource development: Dam, Electricity, Oil, Gas, Mineral
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Use Cases

Use Case for Construction

This service is designed to detect land displacement by monitoring the selected construction area with our SAR satellite, and analysing the data within a time series.
This is useful for land risk management within a construction site and will be benefitted by our growing SAR satellite constellation.

Use Case for the Governmental Land Development Bureau

This service would detect potentially dangerous areas caused by the changes of land displacement. Our SAR satellite would monitor and analyse the target area within a time series.
We expect that with our growing SAR satellite constellation, this would be useful for land risk management by receiving high frequency and high resolution data to benefit land developmental projects.

Use Case for the Mining Industry

This service is designed to monitor the land displacement caused by mining sites, and would be analysed within a time series by our SAR satellite.
Our expectation is that this can be useful for land risk management within the mining industry and would benefit from high resolution and high frequency data analysis provided by our growing SAR satellite constellation.

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