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Synspective is available as a subscription-based "Solutions" and as a prototype "β Solutions".
If you are looking for a new business opportunity using satellite data, please check the collaboration flow below.


  • Land displacement monitoring More Details Free

    Our unique inSAR* analysis detects fluctuations over a large surface area, in chronological order, with SAR satellite data which has a millimetre-level accuracy.
    You can reduce the time and costs of traditional observation or management techniques.
    *InSAR - Interferometric SAR. The technology to detect land displacement with millimetre accuracy.

  • Flood Damage Assessment More Details Free

    Unlike the conventional observation method, the SAR satellite enables all-weather ground observation, and it is possible to quickly evaluate inundation damage in the broader area when a flood occurs.

β Solution

  • Facilities monitoring More Details

    Using this product, our clients can assess the activity of the facility, as well as receive an alert when abnormal activity is detected.

  • Solar potential area mapping More Details

    Using our area mapping capabilities, clients can find suitable locations for solar power plants or for roof top solar power facilities.

Collaboration process

We jointly develop new solutions using satellite data and your data.
Our service to you can be started with any of the three phases that ”PoC phase”,”PMF phase” and “Operation phase”.

1. PoC Phase

This phase is for companies that are starting a new satellite data business. How would you use satellite data for your company? Can satellite data solve problems for user companies? With cases that start with the formulation of such issues and maybe do not have specific data dedicated to your needs, we would utilize and modify available data that exists in the market and adapt it in a way which benefits your company.
*PoC:Proof of Concept

2. Case of Start from PMF

This is for companies who intend on developing their satellite data business after the business issue and verification has been completed. With some beta products by Synspective in practice, we will repeat the modification and renewal for a certain period of time to measure their effectiveness in the market.
* PMF:Product Market Fit

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3. Operation Phase

This phase is for users who intend to use satellite data services immediately. Available as a subscription or a retail version. Even those who are not familiar with satellite date, the results of the analysis would be user friendly and easy to understand. Since it is provided on the web, it can be accessed and utilized immediately by the user companies.

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Co-creation is key

Our solutions are developed alongside our customers needs and take the vantage point of the end-users instead of that of the developers.

If you don't see your desired product in our Solutions or β Solutions and would like to start considering it from the beginning, please contact us from here.

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