Synspective provides one-stop geo-solutions based on satellite imagery

Construction monitoring (Buildings/Roads)

Construction monitoring (Buildings/Roads)

This solution helps to manage construction projects and evaluate the progress quantitatively in the whole country. The intensity of SAR images can calculate the progress of the construction.


Estimation of the number of cars at a parking lot

The number of cars at parking lots can be counted by the intensity of SAR images with the frame of parking slots. It is useful to estimate the value of real estates, understand the congestion level of facilities, and estimate economic activities.
Urbanization monitoring

Urbanization monitoring

Urbanization speed can be estimated by using time series SAR images in a unit of the city, state, or country. This information can be used for urban planning, land value estimations.

Land subsidence monitoring

A comparison of time-series SAR data detects small land displacement over a long time. This solution can be used for land monitoring, dam monitoring, Airport monitoring, volcanic area monitoring.