Solution Overview

Flood damage (inundation area, inundation depth, damaged road, damaged building) evaluation service for disaster response. In a disaster, it is necessary to promptly respond to the damage situation in a wide area based on the primary information. Unlike conventional observation methods using optical satellites and airplanes/drones, SAR satellites enable all-weather ground observation and can quickly determine the presence or absence of inundation damage in a wider area regardless of the situation. Furthermore, utilizing the most advanced analysis methods such as AI technology, the range of impact on facilities such as roads and buildings can be identified.

Benefits and Outputs

  • Primary information on flood damage evaluation
  • Reduced time required to grasp the situation of the flood damage
  • Rapid decision making

This Solution Would Support

  • Flood risk assessment of non-life insurance companies
  • Estimation of flood damage to owned/managed assets at financial institutions
  • Acquisition of primary information in ministries and local governments


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