We are thrilled to share the news that Synspective has entered into a partnership with the reputed Wrocław Institute of Spatial Information and Artificial Intelligence (WIZIPISI), based in Poland. WIZIPISI is widely recognized for its sophisticated approach towards AI-based remote sensing analyses and the processing of aerial and satellite imagery across the Polish markets.


This partnership is a testament to our joint commitment towards enhancing the availability and use of advanced SAR imagery in Polish communities. The aim is to contribute to the development of resilient and sustainable practices in these markets. By capitalizing on each other’s strengths and area of expertise, we believe that our partnership with WIZIPISI will bring about a notable advancement in satellite imagery technology, hence accelerating local development and making a significant impact on society.


About our new partner, WIZIPISI:

The Wrocław Institute of Spatial Information and Artificial Intelligence (WIZIPISI) was founded and is operated by a group of scientists and enthusiasts in the field of spatial information systems and artificial intelligence. Their ambition is to translate scientific achievements in these areas into practical applications. WIZIPISI aims to provide services in the GIS market and related fields using more sophisticated and modern methods than its competitors. Their goal is to conduct and commercialize innovative research in the field of geographic information systems and artificial intelligence. With their expertise and support from distinguished authorities in GIS and IT in Poland, Europe, and worldwide, they can achieve research and implementation results at the highest level.