Privacy Policy

Recognizing the importance of personal information, Synspective Inc., Synspective Japan, Inc. and Synspective SG Pte. Ltd. (collectively “Synspective Group” and please refer to the company profile ( complies with the Personal Information Protection Law (hereinafter defined) and related laws and regulations, and will establish the Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as the “Policy“) regarding the handling of personal information as follows:

Article 1. (Definition of Personal Information)

“Personal Information” shall mean “personal information” as defined in the Act on the Protection of Personal Information(Act No.57 of 2003) (“Personal Information Protection Act”), and is information concerning a living individual and means information that can identify a specific individual by combining the name, face image, date of birth, address, telephone number, contact information and other descriptions contained in such information, and information that can identify a specific individual from any information by itself such as physical appearance, fingerprints, physical feature data on voiceprint, and My number (Social security number), driver’s license, insured’s number on a health insurance card (personal identification information).

Article 2. Purposes of Collection and Use of Personal Information

  1. Synspective Group may ask for Personal Information such as the name, address, telephone number, email address and company name, when the user registers for use of the various services provided by Synspective (the “Services”).
  2. The purposes of collecting and using the Personal Information by Synspective Group are as follows:
    (1) To provide and operate the Services;
    (2) To respond to inquiries from the user (including to verify the identity of the user);
    (3) To send emails regarding new functions, renewal information, campaigns and other information of the Services being used by the user and information regarding the other services provided by Synspective Group;
    (4) To plan and hold events, online forums and social networks and other events;
    (5) To provide information regarding Synspective Group and related company in promotion or event;
    (6) To send the latest information and news letter regarding service or Synspective Group;
    (7) To communicate regarding maintenance and important notices, as necessary;
    (8) To identify users who have violated any terms of use and users who are trying to use the Services for unlawful or unfair purposes, and to refuse the use there of
    (9) To investigate technology issue and improve service quality;
    (10) Purposes incidental to the above purposes of use.

Article 3. Amendment to Purpose of Use

  1. Synspective Group shall amend the purposes of use of the Personal Information only if the purposes of use can be reasonably recognized to have relevance to those prior to such amendment.
  2. If the purposes of use are amended, the user will be notified regarding the amended purposes by a method designated by Synspective Group or such amended purposes shall be announced on the Website managed and operated by Synspective Group (hereinafter simply the “Website”).

Article 4. Safety Control Measures

Personal information borrowed by Synspective is prevented from unlawful cracking, loss, breaking, falsification and leaking by implementing access limited to personal information file, access log record and security measures for external unlawful access and organized, physical, human and technical measures. If incidents of user individual and other information leakage should occur, based on the Personal Information Protection Act and related guidelines, according to instructions by “the control authority” along with informing incidents immediately, Synspective Group takes necessary actions for preventive measures of similar incidents and re-occurrence. Regarding the detail, please review separate document (safety control measures for personal information)
Please review below the committee to personal information protection’s page with respect to overview of Singaporean system,

Article 5. Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

  1. Synspective Group will not provide the Personal Information to third parties without obtaining the user’s prior consent, except in the below instances; provided, however that this shall not apply to instances permitted under the Personal Information Protection Act and other laws or regulations:
    (1) Sysnspective Group
    If all or a part of the handling of the Personal Information is entrusted to the extent necessary for Synspective Group to achieve the purposes of use; And providing personal information items to each destination and the purpose of provision are as follows:
    1. Event co-hosted business operator
    【providing personal information items】

    1. During a registration process, user or prospective customer input or provide personal information such as name, affiliation, official position, phone number,

    【the purpose of provision】

    1. ・To plan and hold events, online forums, social networks and so on;
    2. ・To provide information with respect to Synspective Group and associated company promotion, event and so on;

    2. Business partner providing product or service in cooperation
    【Personal information items to be provided】

    1. Basic personal information such as name, affiliation, official position, phone number and other personal information that is necessary for sales activities such as user or prospective customer’s interest and concern.

    【The purpose of provision】

    1. ・To maintain and manage relationship;
    2. ・To related transactions and carry business;
    3. ・To plan and hold events;

    (2) If personal information is provided according to business inherit for merger and other reasons;
    (3) If there are cases in which personal data to be jointly used by a specified person is provided to the specified person, and when a principal has in advance been informed or a state has been in place where a principal can easily know to that effect as well as of the categories of the jointly used personal data, the scope of a jointly using person, the utilization purpose for the utilizing person and the name or appellation of a user responsible for controlling the said personal data.

  2. Notwithstanding the preceding clause, the recipient of such information shall not be considered a third party in the below instances:
    (1)When there is a need to protect the life, body or property of a user and obtaining the consent of the user is difficult;
    (2)When there is a particular need to improve public health or promote the healthy development of children and obtaining the consent of the user is difficult;
    (3)When there is a need to cooperate with the execution of business set forth in the laws or regulations by a national agency or local government entity, or a user entrusted thereby, and there is the likelihood that obtaining the user’s consent will interfere with such execution of business; and
    (4)When the below matters are notified or announced and Synspective Group notifies the Personal Information Protection Commission:

    1. 1. That the purpose of use includes the provision to third parties;
    2. 2. The items of the personal data that are provided to third parties;
    3. 3. The method of obtaining personal data provided to third parties;
    4. 4. The means or method of the provision to third parties;
    5. 5. To cease the provision of the Personal Information to third parties as requested by the user; and
    6. 6. The method to accept the request of the user.
  3. If handling of personal information is entrusted as Clause 1, item1, Synspective Group implements necessary and appropriate monitoring to the outsourcing company according to the Personal Information Protection Act.

Article 6. Provision to a Third Party in a Foreign Country

  1. If the below items apply to Synspective Group, it needs to provide user personal information to third parties in foreign countries.
    (1) If obtain the approval which is allowed that user provides to third party in a foreign country, when viewed from Japan as the home country, in advance;
    (2) If measures according to the Personal Information Protection Act chapter 4 section 2 are implemented by appropriate and reasonable method, regarding handling personal information.
  2. In accordance with the preceding clause, the foreign country provided personal information is below.

Article 7. Shared Use of Personal information

Synspective Group corporate to use customer’s personal information as follows:
(1) personal information items used jointly.

  1. 1. Name
  2. 2. Address
  3. 3. Phone number
  4. 4. Mail address
  5. 5. Company name
  6. 6. Obtained other individual information

(2) The scope of the joint users

  1. Synspective Inc., Synspective Japan and Synspective SG Pte. Ltd.

(3) Purposes of use

  1. Refer to Article 2 of this Policy

(4) Person responsible for controlling the personal information used jointly In respect to address and representative name are below.

  1. Synspective Inc.,
    Address: 3-10-3 Miyoshi, Koto-ku, Tokyo
    Representative: Motoyuki Arai, CEO
  2. Synspective Japan, Inc.,
    Address: 3-10-3 Miyoshi, Koto-ku, Tokyo
    Representative: Motoyuki Arai, CEO
  3. Synspective SG Pte.Ltd.,
    Representative: Motoyuki Arai, CEO

Article 8. Disclosure of Personal Information

  1. When the disclosure of the Personal Information is requested by the user, Synspective Group will disclose such information to the user without delay; provided, however, that if any of the below applies due to the disclosure, all or a part thereof may not be disclosed, of if a decision is made not to disclose, the effect thereof will be notified without delay. Furthermore, a fee of JPY1,000 per case will be charged upon the disclosure of the Personal Information:
    (1) If there is the likelihood of harming the life, body, property or other rights or interests of the user or a third party;
    (2) If there is the likelihood of causing significant harm to the proper execution of Synspective Group’s business; or
    (3) If it will otherwise violate the laws or regulations.
  2. Notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding clause, information other than the Personal Information, such as historical information and characteristic information, in principle, will not be disclosed.

Article 9. Correction and Deletion of Personal Information

  1. If the user’s information that is in Synspective Group’s possession is incorrect information, the user may request Synspective Group for the correction, addition, or deletion of the Personal Information (the “Corrections”) by the procedures set forth by Synspective Group.
  2. If Synspective Group receives a request in the preceding clause from the user and determines that there is a need to respond to such request, Synspective Group shall make the Corrections to such Personal Information without delay.
  3. If Synspective Group makes the Corrections under the provisions of the preceding clause or decides to not make the Corrections, Synspective Group will notify that effect to the user without delay.

Article 10. Suspension of Use of Personal Information

  1. If Synspective Group is requested by the user for the suspension of use or deletion of the Personal Information due to the reason that the Personal Information is being handled in a manner beyond the scope of the purposes of use or due to the reason that the Personal Information was acquired by fraudulent means (the “Suspension of Use”), Synspective Group will conduct necessary inspections without delay.
  2. If Synspective Group determines that there is a need to respond to such request based on the inspection results of the preceding clause, Synspective Group will conduct the Suspension of Use of such Personal Information.
  3. If Synspective Group conducts the Suspension of Use under the provisions of the preceding clause or determines not to conduct the Suspension of Use, Synspective Group will notify the user thereof without delay.
  4. Notwithstanding the preceding two clauses, if significant expenses will be incurred for the Suspension of Use or conducting the Suspension of Use is otherwise determined to be difficult, and if a measure that is necessary to protect the rights and interests of the user and can be taken in place of the Suspension of Use, Synspective Group shall take such alternative measure.

Article 11. External Transmission of User information and Information Collection Module

There are cases when Synspetive Group provides user information to the person who provides information collection modules including outside of Japan as follows: These collection modules collect user information without information that can identify individual and collected information is managed based on privacy policy set forth by each information collection module provider.

appellation Provider Disclosure of information by provider
Google Analytics Google LLC
SalesForce Salesforce, Inc
Pardot Salesforce, Inc

Article 12. Use of Cookies

  1. Technology to identify the customer’s browser called “cookies” may be used on the Website for the purposes set forth below:
    (1) For the user to use the Website more conveniently when the user re-visits the Website; and
    (2) To measure and analyze the usage status of the Website;
  2. If the user accesses contents that issue cookies, cookies will be recorded in the user’s computer; however, the recorded information will not contain information that can identify the user.
  3. The acceptance of cookies can be rejected by the user by changing the settings of the browser; provided, however, that a part of the Website may no longer be used if the acceptance of cookies is rejected.

Article 13. Amendment to the Policy

  1. Except for matters that are set forth in the laws or regulations or are otherwise set forth in this Policy, the contents of this Policy may be amended without notifying the user.
  2. Unless otherwise set forth by Synspective Group, the amended Policy shall become effective from when it is published on the Website.

Article 14. Contact for Inquiries

Please contact the following for inquiries regarding this Policy:
Address: Review company overview (
Company Name: Synspective Inc.
Representative: Motoyuki Arai, CEO
Department: PR Team
Email Address: