Satellite Launch Mission


StriX-3 StriX-3 Launch Mission (Mar 2024)

StriX-3 is our fourth SAR satellite. One notable characteristic of StriX-3 is that it was not newly designed and is based on the same conceptual design as StriX-1.

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StriX-1 StriX-1 Launch Mission (Sep 2022)

Unlike the previous two satellites that are classified as demonstration satellites, our third SAR satellite StriX-1 is our first pre-commercial satellite for full-scale business expansion.

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StriX-β StriX-β Launch Mission (Feb 2022)

StriX-β is our second demonstration satellite. StriX-β is able to observe the same location on Earth at the same time and under the same conditions each day to acquire more high-quality data for understanding changes and trends at a particular location on the Earth's surface.

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StriX-α StriX-α Launch Mission (Dec 2020)

Our SAR satellite technology was initially developed through the ImPACT program led by the Japanese government's Cabinet Office. StriX-α is a product of this effort, further developed for commercial use through Synspective, and is our first demonstration satellite.

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