Mission Overview

StriX-3 is our fourth SAR satellite following StriX-α, StriX-β and StriX-1, which were launched in December 2020, March and September 2022, respectively.

StriX-3 is not a newly developed and designed satellite, but was manufactured based on the same conceptual design as StriX-1. In order to successfully build our desired satellite constellation, parallel production, or the capability to concurrently produce several satellites, is necessary. StriX-3 is an important step toward establishing this production system while facilitating continuous enhancement, making the assembly of the constellation considerably more efficient.

Launch Mission

Company Name
Rocket Lab, Inc
New Zealand
Sun-synchronous orbit, altitude 561 km
Launch Day and time
12 March 23:00(JST)
12 March 14:00(UTC)

Owl Night Long

Space companies often create a mission name or an iconic mission patch emblem for their satellite launch missions. In honor of this tradition, and in partnership with Rocket Lab, we named the StriX-3 satellite launch “Owl Night Long,” an homage to Lionel Richie’s famous song “All Night Long” and an emphasis of StriX’s ability to observe the Earth “all night long.”

You can download and use this mission patch for free.


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