Solution Overview

Land Displacement Monitoring Service originated from InSAR*2 analysis and is capable of detecting timely vertical land displacement, in millimeters, over a wide area. In addition, this service enables periodical observation and understanding of land subsidence and deformation.

*InSAR:Interferometric SAR. The technology to detect land displacement with ㎜ accuracy.

Assumed Issues

  • Excessive time and personal expenses needed to evaluate land displacement across a wide area.
  • Despite some mobility restrictions, this service can be used in areas that are difficult to physically enter during a disaster, or a remote site survey is necessary.

Benefits and Outputs

  • Cost reduction compared to existing methods can be considered.
  • Greatly reduce the lead time for the survey.
  • Improce the frequency of maintenance and management.

This Solution Would Support

  • Road, Tunnel and railway construction: Land subsidence/ uplift, Landslide
  • Construction management: Landfill, Cutting, Land elevation, Soil improvement
  • Public facility management: Port, Airport
  • Disaster prevention facility management: Dike, Breakwater, Seawall
  • Energy and resource development: Dam, Electricity, Oil, Gas, Mineral


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