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Solution Lineup

Land Displacement Monitoring (LDM)

Our unique inSAR* analysis detects fluctuations over a large surface area, in chronological order, with SAR satellite data which has a millimetre-level accuracy. You can reduce the time and costs of traditional observation or management techniques. *InSAR - Interferometric SAR. The technology to detect land displacement with millimetre accuracy.

Flood Damage Assessment (FDA)

Unlike the conventional observation method, the SAR satellite enables all-weather ground observation, and it is possible to quickly evaluate inundation damage in the broader area when a flood occurs.

β Solution Lineup

(β) Disaster Damage Assessment (DDA)

Damage assessment and change analysis caused by various natural disasters. (i.e., sediment-related disasters, building collapse, and volcanic ash deposits)

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(β)Offshore Wind Assessment (OWA)

Offshore Wind Assessment (OWA) performs remote offshore wind speed estimation and monitoring in meters per second (m / s) over a wide body of water. Since OWA can capture wind speed and the sea surface in high resolution, it is possible to regularly monitor and understand the effects of the topography and offshore wind power generation. Additionally, OWA can provide useful data for selecting suitable locations for offshore wind farms.

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(β)Forestry Inventory Management(FIM)

FIM, various observations such as tree height estimation, biomass estimation, forest fauna classification, logging detection, CO2 absorption and fixed amount calculation can be performed remotely, making it possible to expand management areas and reduce costs.

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(β) Global Geospatial Index (GGI)Powered by Google Earth Engine

The solution is providing actionable geospatial insights from satellite and big data for sustainable development.

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(β) Facilities Monitoring

Using this product, our clients can assess the activity of the facility, as well as receive an alert when abnormal activity is detected.

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(β) Solar Potential Area Mapping

Using our area mapping capabilities, clients can find suitable locations for solar power plants or for roof top solar power facilities.

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