Solution Lineup

Land Displacement Monitoring (LDM)

Analysis of ground risks through millimeter-scale surface change monitoring using SAR satellites.
It is essential to assess safety and security risks such as landslides and subsidence for social infrastructure, which includes cities, roads, tunnels, and bridges. Synspective's LDM Solution applies InSAR analysis technology with continuous satellite monitoring to detect ground deformation in millimeters over a wide area.

Flood Damage Assessment (FDA)

Satellite observation for rapid flood damage assessment.
Knowing where and how much flood damage has occurred as quickly as possible is crucial. Using SAR satellites, the FDA Solution can quickly assess flood damage over a wide area in any weather condition, day or night.

Disaster Damage Assessment (DDA)

Capture the location of change detection from satellite data analysis.
After the damage caused by a natural disaster has occurred, it is necessary to quickly understand the extent of the damage for rescue and recovery planning purposes. Remote sensing by SAR satellites provides all-weather and night-and-day capabilities to remotely monitor the Earth’s surface with wide spatial coverage.

Offshore Wind and Wave (OWW)

Satellite Data to Observe Wind Speed and Wave Height to Optimize Offshore Wind Power.
By utilizing cutting-edge SAR satellite technology, it's possible to observe and analyze wave heights and wind speeds with measurements across vast ocean areas. Using SAR data, the OWW Solution provides more timely and detailed information for the design and operation of offshore wind power generation systems.

Forestry Inventory Management (FIM)

Comprehensive satellite solution for forest and vegetation management.
Forest preservation and management face critical challenges with the growing importance of decarbonization. The FIM Solution provides various satellite observation technologies, including biomass estimation, logging detection, and data for carbon credit calculation.


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