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Company Details

  • Company Name

    Synspective Inc.

  • Date Founded

    22. Feb., 2018

  • CEO

    Dr. Motoyuki ARAI

  • Business
    • Solutions services with satellite data
    • Development and operation of small SAR satellites
  • Affiliate

    Synspective SG Pte. Ltd.
    460 Alexandra Road #07-01 PSA Building
    Singapore 119963

  • Capital Stock

    10,916 Million JPY (including capital reserve)

Board member

  • Founder & CEO

    Motoyuki Arai

  • Founder & Board Director

    Seiko Shirasaka

  • Board Director

    Toshihiro Obata

  • Board Director

    Atsushi Shito

  • Outside Director

    Tomotake Kitazawa (JAFCO Co., Ltd.)

  • Outside Director

    Hideki Kanayama (SHIMIZU CORPORATION)

  • Outside Director

    Kazumasa Watanabe (a START Co.,Ltd.)

  • Audit & Supervisory Board Member

    Miho Hattori


Dr.Motoyuki Arai

Synspective Inc. Founder CEO, Ph.D in Engineering

Dr. Motoyuki Arai began his career working at a US-based consulting firm in Tokyo, Japan for 5 years. During that period, he supported more than 15 global companies in designing new business and technology strategies that could formulate corporate governance in order to build the internal controls necessary to run global companies.

He received his Ph.D. in Technology Management for Innovation from the University of Tokyo. During his time there, he focused his research on construction of energy systems to promote economic growth in developing countries. He then implemented his knowledge of business development to solve social issues in areas such as energy, water and sanitation, agriculture, and recycling in Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Laos, Cambodia, Kenya, Tanzania, and devastated areas in Japan.

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    Dr.Seiko Shirasaka

    Founder/Board Director

    Dr. Seiko Shirasaka earned a Master’s Degree in Astronautics from University of Tokyo and a Doctoral Degree in Systems Engineering from Keio university. He worked for Mitsubishi Electric Corporation as a space systems engineer for 15 years. One of the projects he worked on was the HTV, H-II Transfer Vehicle, from the ground up to the international space station. His final position in the HTV project was a technical lead at Mitsubishi Electric Corporation.

    He has been an Associate Professor at Graduate School of System Design and Management at Keio University since 2008, and a Professor since 2017. His main research topics are Innovative Thinking Methodology and System Development Methodology, especially systems architecture. From 2015 through 2019, he was a program manager at ImPACT (Impulsing Paradigm Change through Disruptive Technologies Program) led by the Cabinet Office of Japan, and developed a Small Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Satellite System for On-Demand Observation.

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    Toshihiro Obata

    Board Director/General Manager of Satellite System Development Department

    Toshihiro joined Synspective as a member of the Board of Directors and the General Manager of the Satellite System Development Department in April 2019.

    Before joining Synspective, Toshihiro was with Mitsubishi Electric Corporation for more than 19 years, first leading the team working on attitude control subsystems for earth observation satellites, then as manager of systems engineering for earth observation satellites.

    He also worked for TerraSAR-X in Astrium (now Airbus DS) Friedrichshafen, Germany as an exchange engineer in 2004.

    Toshihiro received a M.S. in Engineering from The University of Tokyo in 1997 and in 2016, he joined the University of Tokyo to work on the system design of small SAR (synthetic aperture radar) satellite that is the basis for the demonstration satellites at Synspective.

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    Shoichiro Asada

    General Manager of Business Development Depeartment

    Shoichiro joined Synspective as the General Manager of the Business Development Department in June 2018. Prior to Synspective, he spent 37 years devoted to the space program at Mitsubishi Heavy Indusries, Ltd.(MHI).

    He was a structural engineer for all the main Japanese launch vehicles: N-1, N-2, H-1, and H-2. From 1990 to 2000, he was engaged in the Japanese Space Shuttle, the HOPE-X programme.In 2003, he was assigned as project manager to privatize the H-2A.

    After managing space business in MHI, he became EVP of MHI’s US subsidiary in 2015 and served as the president of Japan Rocket Society from 2013 to 2015. Shoichiro received a M.S. in Space Technologies from The University of Tokyo in 1980.

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    Tomoyuki Imaizumi

    General Manager of Solutions Development Department

    Tomoyuki joined Synspective as the General Manager of the Solution Development Department and the Ground System Department in April 2018.

    Previously, he was with a geospatial information provider from April 2009 to March 2018, where he developed a high-speed image processing system for ASNARO satellite ground systems and became the project leader of research and development for feature recognition from satellite data through deep learning.

    He served as a leader of an artificial intelligence project at the company and engaged in developing solution services by using deep learning with remote sensing data.

    Tomoyuki holds a M.S. in Civil & Environmental Engineering from Gunma University, Japan and a M.S. in Systems Engineering from Keio University.

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    Atsushi Shito

    Board Director/General Manager of Corporate Administration Department

    Atsushi is the General Manager of the Corporate Administration Department and manages accounting, finance, auditing, investor relations, and legal strategy and operation.

    Prior to Synspective, Atsushi worked for a number of audit corporations, where he performed financial audits as well as support for IPO, J-SOX, and financial due diligence.

    He was co-founder and CFO of a startup company where he raised more than 1.2 billion yen of capital from venture capital, operational companies, and government organizations.
    In addition, he is a Certified Public Accountant.

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    Yutaka Suzuki

    General Manager of Ground System Department

    He engaged in software engineering at Systems Engineering Consultants (SEC), which specializes in real-time technology. He was in charge of infrastructure construction and operation for research institutions, back-end and front-end development before joing Synspectve in 2018 as Cloud Engineer.

    He is in charge of the ground system architecture design. From the ground system requirements definition for satellite operation, he designs the architecture for the Google Cloud and leads programming, operation tests, and external negotiations. He was assigned as General Manager of Ground System Dept from February 2020.

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Company Address

  • 3-10-3 Miyoshi Koto-ku, Tokyo