About Us

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to realize a Learning World where people are empowered through new data and technologies to maximize their capabilities and make tangible progress toward a more sustainable future.

We at Synspective believe that in our generation, we must better understand the global environment and system to achieve sustainable economic activities. There are many social issues that are becoming more complex and globalized, requiring the integration of the knowledge of many people to solve them.

The Learning World is our concept to make this possible. It is the realization of a world in which results and knowledge are accumulated through various processes of trial and error based on objective facts and data, and these are widely shared to make collective learning possible everywhere.

Through technology and data acquired from space, our vision is to be an enabler of people and organizations that endeavor to make the world more secure, more resilient, and more environmentally compatible.

Who We Are

Synspective designs, builds, and operates a fleet of SAR satellites to detect and understand changes across the globe. Leveraging SAR satellite data with proprietary data analysis techniques, Synspective offers two services: SAR data sales and solution services.


Synspective’s 100kg class SAR satellites are innovative, compact, and low-cost and can consistently and reliably gather data, regardless of the time of day or weather conditions.

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Synspective’s SAR satellites can obtain data covering over 1,000km2 in 1-3m resolution anywhere in the world. Synspective provides SAR data and remote monitoring services to government agencies and companies worldwide.

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Synspective offers cloud-based solutions that provide analytics services using data science and machine learning to help organizations derive critical insights from immense volumes of data.

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Dr. Motoyuki Arai

Founder & CEO

Moto founded Synspective in February 2018. As the CEO, he leads Synspective’s mission, overall strategy, and operations.

Moto began his career working at the Tokyo office of a US-based consulting firm for five years. He helped more than 15 global companies design new business and technology strategies to improve corporate governance and internal controls.

Moto received his PhD in Technology Management for Innovation from the University of Tokyo. His research focused on the construction of energy systems to promote economic growth in developing countries. Moto then implemented his knowledge of business development to lead projects in areas such as energy, water and sanitation, agriculture, and recycling in Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Laos, Cambodia, Kenya, Tanzania, and disaster-stricken areas in Japan.

Our Story

2014 - 2018ImPACT Program

The ImPACT program was started in 2014 as a Japanese government-led R&D initiative to promote high-risk, high-impact scientific and technological innovation that will bring about major changes in industry and society. The core technology for Synspective’s small SAR satellites was developed through this program.

Feb 2018Synspective Founded

Synspective was established with the aim to integrate SAR satellite technology in society through the agility of a start-up company. Synspective derives its name from the company concept of “Synthetic Data for Perspective on Sustainable Development.

Sep 2018Synspective SG Pte. Ltd. Established

As part of Synspective’s efforts to expand its business globally, Singapore SG was established to serve as the marketing base for Synspective’s activities in Asia.

Jul 2019$100M Raised

Approximately 17 months after it was founded, Synspective raised $100M, making it the fastest fundraising for a space start-up in the world.

Sep 2019Synspective Marked over 50 Members

Sep 2020First Solution Released

Synspective’s first solution Land Displacement Monitoring (LDM) was released, followed by Flood Damage Assessment (FDA) a short time later. Since then, Synspective has continued to develop and release solutions that are optimized for diverse businesses and industries.

Dec 2020StriX-α Launched

On Dec 15, 2020, Synspective’s first demonstration satellite StriX-α was launched by Rocket Lab’s Electron from New Zealand’s Mahia Peninsula launch site.

Jan 2021Synspective Marked over 100 Members

Feb 2021First SAR Imagery Captured

StriX-α successfully captured its first image. This was the first image acquisition by a commercial small SAR satellite (100kg class) in Japan.

Jan 2022Synspective Japan Established

On January 13, 2022, Synspective Japan was established as a subsidiary company to operate and manage Synspective’s satellites. Satellite operation services started on August 31, 2022.

Feb 2022StriX-β Launched

On Feb 28, 2022, Synspective’s second demonstration satellite StriX-β was launched by Rocket Lab’s Electron from New Zealand’s Mahia Peninsula launch site.

Mar 2022Synspective Marked over 150 Members from More than 25 Countries

Mar 2022Additional $100M Fundraising

Synspective successfully raised an additional $100M in a Series B funding round with the aim to use the new capital for the further development of SAR satellites, mass production facilities, and satellite data solutions.

Sep 2022StriX-1 Launched

On Sep 14, 2022, Synspective’s first pre-commercial satellite StriX-1 was launched. In anticipation of the production and operation of multiple satellites in the future, StriX-1 was equipped with improved batteries and faster downlink speeds to capture more data and meet the needs of a wide range of customers from the government to the private sector.

Join Us

At Synspective, we are a diverse and dynamic team of experts and professionals from more than 25 countries. Though each of us brings unique perspectives and different skill sets to the table, we are united in our enthusiasm and determination to solve the many challenges that our Earth faces using data and technology. Join us in our journey to create a Learning World.