About StriX

The StriX satellite can target data with a ground resolution of 1-3m, single polarized (VV), and a swath width of more than 10-30km.

The StriX observation modes are Stripmap and Sliding Spotlight mode and each satellite has an SAR antenna that is 5 meters in length and stowed during launch. The simple design of the satellites allows for affordable development of the constellation

Performance table

About SAR

The SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) sends microwaves from the satellite to Earth and receives the reflected signal to create an image of the target area.

The observation by the SAR enables twenty-four hour monitoring, even with cloud coverage, when optical earth observation satellites are less effective.

The StriX satellites use X-band for precise monitoring. These features are suitable for the monitoring of the cities and infrastructures that are Synspective’s primary targets.

Message from the Satellite Development Division

Synspective is eager to work with people who share our enthusiasm for our product, value our expertise, and vision in establishing the SAR satellite ecosystem. We understand and realize our customer’s needs by utilising agile development with the support of partner companies, government agencies and universities. Synspective needs broad areas of expertise and services of systems engineering, project management, SAR, radio, high power, ground/satellite network, data processing, edge computing, IoT, manufacturing, quality control/assurance, factory management, industrialization as well as electronics, mechanics, thermal, EMC, space environment, software, attitude/orbit control, materials, procurement, encryption in order to realize the quality of our services.

You can contact us either as a hire or as a supplier. We’d love to hear from you to discuss how we can be of assistance.


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