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Drive for Excellence: Our Craftsmanship to
Satellite Manufacturing

We are a pioneering startup company specializing in the manufacturing and operation of state-of-the-art SAR satellites. Our team comprises dedicated and skilled artisans who passionately merge science, technology, and craftsmanship to construct highly functional and reliable satellites. We truly believe that it is the fine artistry and passion of our craftsmen that sets our products apart.

Explore this section to get an insight into the intricate processes and the unique craftsmanship that lies at the heart of our production line. Here is where innovation meets skill, resulting in engineering marvels soaring high above in the cosmos.

Our craftsman:

Nicolas Schmit  Attitude Control Engineer

Interview with Nicolas Schmit, Attitude Control Engineer “Global Synergy: Igniting Satellite Innovation”

We, the onboard software team, are developing the software that powers the computer in our satellites. Our onboard software serves two purposes. Firstly, it is...

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Jinki Toho  Mechanical Engineer

Interview with Jinki Toho, Mechanical Engineer “Building Engineering Expertise in an Open Environment”

Our team is responsible for the overall mechanical design of our in-house StriX satellite. This responsibility includes designing the composition, subsystems...

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Masaharu Iiyoshi  AIT Engineer

Craftsmanship Shines in Synspective’s Satellite Development : Satellite Assembly Technology for the Next Generation

One of Synspective’s reasons for existence and role in society is to hand down satellite development technology to the next generation…

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