Synspective Inc., a provider of Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) satellite data and analytics solutions, is pleased to announce that we have successfully acquired images with a 25cm azimuth resolution, the highest resolution in Japan, during a test observation in the new Staring Spotlight Mode. After further evaluation and verification, we plan to offer this observation mode to our global customers.

■ About Staring Spotlight Mode

The Staring Spotlight Mode, a new imaging mode successfully tested with an azimuth resolution of 25cm, continuously illuminates a specific spot on the ground surface to obtain high-resolution images, as shown below. Compared to the conventional sliding spotlight mode, the staring spotlight mode irradiates a narrower observation area, resulting in higher-resolution images.

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■ Images taken by Staring Spotlight Mode

Observation Location
  1. San Francisco (US)
    a. City Center
    b. Market Street
  2. Mombasa (Kenya)
    Mombasa Coastal Area
    b. Offshore Kipevu Oil Terminal
    c. Kipevu Oil Terminal
    d. Road Guard Rails
Observation date and time
  1. 2024-04-28 22:45:59 UTC
  2. 2024-05-31 00:52:15 UTC
  1. Slant azimuth 25cm x slant range 50cm (Off-nadir angle 39.4, Staring spotlight mode)
  2. Slant azimuth 25cm x slant range 50cm (Off-nadir angle 29.6, Staring spotlight mode)


  1. San Francisco (US)
    a. City Center
     i. The difference from other areas can be seen downtown, where skyscrapers line the streets.

b. Market Street
   i. This urban area has Market Street in the center and the Ferry Building in the upper left corner.
   ii. Staring Spotlight Mode provides a detailed view of each floor level of the building.


  1. Mombasa (Kenya)
    a. Mombasa Coastal Area


  b. Offshore Kipevu Oil Terminal
    i. This oil terminal, located in the sea area, consists of one sea berth totaling 770 meters and four berths. The equally spaced light poles are visible.


   c. Kipevu Oil Terminal
    i. The contents of an oil tank, which is a floating roof-like tank, can be determined by the height of its top lid. The pillars that support the floating roof are also reflected at the top of the tank.


   d. Road Guard Rails
    i. The pillars of the guard rail, which are about 80 cm apart, are visible.

 *Azimuth resolution: The direction of the satellite’s orbit is called the azimuth direction, and the direction of radar irradiation is called the range direction. The resolution in the direction of the satellite’s motion is called azimuth resolution.
 *The highest resolution in Japan: The highest resolution within the small SAR satellites operated commercially by a Japanese company.

■ About these images
These images are based on a test observation in Staring Spotlight Mode. After further evaluation and verification, we will provide customers with images using the new observation mode.

■ About Synspective Inc.
Synspective Inc., founded in 2018, develops and operates Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) satellites and provides SAR data and analytics solutions. We aim to develop a constellation of 30 SAR satellites by the late 2020s, allowing us to create a new system that can observe changes anywhere on Earth. With a SAR satellite constellation that enables high-frequency and high-resolution Earth observation, Synspective delivers satellite data and various analytics solutions for disaster response and management, national security, and environmental monitoring.
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