Synthetic Data for Perspective

  • A new perspective on satellite data

    Our cutting edge technology, data analysis and UI/UX have been developed and customised to suit your business needs

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  • Notice regarding launch schedule for our first small SAR satellite

    Synspective will launch its first demonstration satellite "StriX-α" in December.
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    Launch mission

New data × Understanding data

"New data" to oversee human-beings economic activity. "Understanding the data" to get information accurately and quickly.

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Our service

We combine satellite data with our customers' data to provide and jointly develop new data solutions that are expected to generate synergies and benefits.


Subscription-based services which are optimized for your business and industry. With its intuitive UI/UX, even if you have never dealt with satellite data before the analysis results are easy to use for many businesses.

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β solutions

The β product uses existing solutions which are adapted to suit the needs of your business.


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