TOKYO, 2024, April 18th – Synspective Inc., a Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) satellite data and analytics solutions provider, is proud to announce the successful acquisition of imagery from its fourth SAR satellite, StriX-3.


On March 13, 2024 (JST), Synspective successfully launched its fourth SAR satellite, StriX-3, into a sun-synchronous orbit (SSO) at an altitude of 561 kilometers, using Rocket Lab’s Electron rocket from New Zealand’s Mahia Peninsula. Since reaching orbit, StriX-3 has been capturing imagery from various global locations, including Venice and the Venetian Lagoon in Italy.

This press release features images from Copenhagen, Denmark, and Warsaw, Poland, using the satellite’s sophisticated sliding spotlight imaging mode.


■ First Image from StriX-3

Observation date and time: 2024/04/08 02:14:52Z

Observation location: Warsaw, Poland

Observation mode: Sliding Spotlight

*Click for higher resolution radar satellite image


Observation date and time: 2024/04/13  03:51:52Z

Observation location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Observation mode: Sliding Spotlight

*Click for higher resolution radar satellite image


■Comment from Dr. Motoyuki Arai, Founder/CEO of Synspective

We have successfully acquired data from our StriX-3 satellite, a milestone made possible by our team and partners’ dedication and hard work. This launch progressed far more smoothly than our inaugural StriX-α satellite. This achievement is just the beginning; we are committed to launching more satellites and enhancing our production systems, operational capabilities, and data analysis techniques. In a world grounded in geopolitical and disaster-prone risks, we seek to leverage the StriX constellation to mitigate global challenges and shape a sustainable future through data-based solutions. We want to ensure that all people can live on our planet with dignity.


■ First Satellite Images

The image data released today represents preliminary test data, captured while the satellite’s functions were undergoing rigorous testing and calibration.


■ Synspective’s SAR Data

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