Tokyo, Japan – Synspective Inc. (Synspective), a SAR satellite data and analytics solution provider, and Dynamic Map Platform Co., Ltd (Dynamic Map Platform), a leading geospatial measurement and mapping company, have been selected by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism for the Small and Medium Enterprise Innovation Promotion Program.


With the Dynamic Map Platform, we submitted a proposal entitled  “Improving road management efficiency by increasing the accuracy of location information using SAR data based on HD maps.” The committee selected our proposal under the “Development of technologies that contribute to the advancement of road management monitoring and observation using next-generation technologies” category, awarding us a grant of up to 350 million yen for the eligible project.



This project leverages SAR satellite* technologies and Synspective’s Land Displacement Monitoring (LDM) solution. It aims to integrate these technologies with high-definition maps (HD maps) for autonomous driving, which provide high-precision 3D positioning data. The focus will be on studying how this data can be applied to enhance road infrastructure management.


During development, we will utilize HD maps to achieve high positional accuracy of SAR data and develop data sets that will support road infrastructure monitoring and maintenance. Furthermore, we will create a data linkage system and viewer designed for road maintenance and management. This setup will facilitate the visualization of disaster conditions and enable data sharing through API integration with other systems to advance road infrastructure management.


HD Map image


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This image is from Synspective’s Land Displacement Monitoring solution.


*About SAR:Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) is an active sensor that transmits microwaves toward the Earth’s surface and records the backscattered signals. SAR satellites are unique in their ability to penetrate clouds and other atmospheric conditions, allowing them to capture imagery at night or day with frequent revisit rates.


About Dynamic Map Platform

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