TOKYO, 2024, February 21– Synspective Inc., a Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) satellite data and analytic solutions provider, announced today the official launch schedule of StriX-3, the company’s SAR satellite.


 Scheduled Date of Launch

The StriX-3 mission is scheduled to launch during an 14-day window that opens on March 9th UTC.

The launch may be postponed or canceled due to unforeseen weather conditions or complications.  

For the latest information, please visit our StriX Launch Mission Page.



Launch Vehicle / Location

The mission is scheduled for lift-off from Rocket Lab’s Electron launch vehicle at the Rocket Lab Launch Complex on the Mahia Peninsula in New Zealand.


Target Orbit

Sun Synchronous Orbit, altitude 561 km


About StriX-3

StriX-3 is the company’s fourth SAR satellite, following StriX-α, StriX-β, and StriX-1, launched in December 2020, March, and September 2022, respectively.

One noteworthy feature of StriX-3 is its ability to create and manage satellites using the same design as StriX-1. To successfully construct the desired satellite constellation, the capability to produce several satellites concurrently, effectively parallel production, is necessary. StriX-3 will equip us with this proficiency and facilitate continuous enhancement, making the assembly of the constellation considerably more efficient.


StriX-3 Performance Table

Frequency Band  X Band
Observation Mode  StripMap  Sliding Spotlight
Image Size (km x km)  10-30 × 50-70  10 × 10

(Ground Azimuth (m)×Ground range(m))

 2.6 × 3.6  0.9 × 0.9
Polarimetry  VV
Revisit Period  Visit anywhere in the world every 12 hours
Weight  100kg class


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Dr. Motoyuki Arai, Synspective Founder and CEO:

“I am delighted to be able to take on another challenge with the Rocket Lab team, who have led us to launch three satellites into their target orbits successfully. I also want to express my gratitude to the dedicated teams of both companies and everyone involved in the StriX-3 project. StriX-3 is our fourth satellite, enabling us to offer more data services to our new and existing customers. This year, we plan to expand our business through multiple launches, and StriX-3 will be the first satellite aimed at full-scale constellation operations. Through this launch, we will advance our understanding of the manufacturing process, enhance our satellite operation know-how, increase the volume of data supply, and strengthen our data analysis capabilities. To address all sustainable development challenges within our generation, we will push forward our analytics platform business, enabling societal progress through data-driven insights and collective learning.”


Toshihiro Obata, Synspective Board Director and Head of Technology Strategy Office:

“I am thrilled that the much-awaited launch of StriX-3 is approaching, and I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who contributed to this project. We learned a lot during the satellite manufacturing process, which will help us set up a new factory and a system for the parallel production of multiple satellites. By leveraging our accumulated knowledge, we’ve enhanced this satellite’s image generation capabilities, enabling broader applications across various use cases. We will fulfill our customers’ imaging demands with this satellite and accelerate the development of solutions, including SAR interferometry and disaster response. As a first step, we will prepare for the StriX-3 launch and perform functional verification post-launch. Please stay tuned.”