Abhinandan Arya, Applied Science Manager

Abhinandan, leader of the Applied Science team at Synspective, is an AI professional with industry experience in telecommunication, satellite remote sensing, and product design & development. The Applied Science team uses Synspective’s SAR satellite constellation to research and develop core solutions. He graduated in Electronics and Electrical with Computer Science and Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and holds a PGP degree in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning from the University of Texas at Austin.




■Applied Science Team at Synspecitve 

Be Kind, Work Smart, and Have Fun!

We, at Applied Science, envision a learning world where earth observations and intelligence are at their best — enhancing decision-making, strengthening the world economy, and improving the quality of life for all.

We enable decision-making and action with companies and governments focusing on Infrastructure, Disaster Management, Forest & Environment, National Security, and Maritime. The Applied Science team at Synspective is the core of our satellite solution business and is driven by the priorities, needs, and challenges across multiple industries.
We support research that advances knowledge of earth and encourages innovative and practical uses of earth observations and scientific knowledge.

We are also passionate individuals that are driven by curiosity about our world and work on inspiring and impactful projects so we can deliver the best solutions. Our Applied Science team motto reflects the Synspective credo of Synergy of Spirit, Synthesis of Knowledge, and Synched with the Future.


■Team Structure

From the solo scientist eager to bring breakthroughs in earth observations to the team focused on quality service that adds value to our clients, we are creating a learning world together.

Applied Scientists at Synspective are specialists with deep expertise in scientific disciplines such as earth observation, atmospheric science, and applied mathematics. We rely on our broad knowledge of algorithms and data structures so we can understand algorithmic and implementation tradeoffs.


The fundamental pillar of Applied Science at Synspective:



■ Applied Science Team Diversity and Statistics

We encourage and ensure the representation of diverse talent at Synspective. Today, we have more than 25% of global talent from 24 nations. The Applied Science team is very unique in its diverse expertise with 70% of global talent from leading space organizations and the world’s top universities. We speak different languages including English, Japanese, French, Hindi, Latvian, and many more, and enjoy different cultures and diversity.


■Daily Operations of the Applied Science Team

  1. Deeply investigate the latest advances in relevant fields (machine learning, computer vision, and remote sensing) and design your methods by handpicking, customizing, combining, or devising algorithms
  2. Analyze complex datasets used to make decisions regarding real-world geospatial applications
  3. Drive the design, development, and execution of scientific research projects and data models
  4. Implement models and algorithms to improve the performance of existing systems, processes, and solutions
  5. Use modeling, simulation, and optimization to design processes, algorithms, and prediction/classification systems for geospatial applications
  6. Investigate the applicability of new approaches to geospatial business problems and products by combining literature and experimentation


Applied Science and Synspective | Organization-wide Collaboration

Applied Science is the core of our satellite solutions offering at Synspective. Applied scientists enjoy the privilege of having a bird’s eye view of the organization where we have multiple interfaces with different departments and units. We collaborate with the Data Production department with our in-house datahub pipeline for Strix constellation data. 


Core Research Areas at Applied Science Synspective

Alerting the authorities for Slope & Ground Instability to save lives. Estimating carbon credit to boost sustainable farming. Monitoring floods to assist lives in disaster-hit areas. Estimating wind to better plan wind farms, to support renewable energy and the economy.   

If pushing the limits and solving global challenges excites you, then the Synspective Applied Science team is the right place for you.



We, at Synspective, are committed to providing world-class geospatial and temporal solutions to our clients and bringing value to their businesses. 


Currently, our research focus areas include 

  1. InSAR-based Land Displacement Monitoring
  2. Advanced Alerting Mechanism for Slope & Ground Instability Based on Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Anomalous Land Displacement
  3. Data Fusion with SAR
  4. Spatio-temporal change detection and deep learning-based object detection using high-resolution SAR satellites
  5. Flood Damage Assessment using Spatio-temporal high-resolution SAR imageries
  6. Disaster Damage Assessment and Time-Series Change Detection
  7. Offshore Wind Assessment
  8. Forestry Inventory Management, Agriculture and Carbon credit estimation
  9. Global Geospatial Index
  10. Facilities Monitoring
  11. Solar Potential Area Mapping




■ Internal Team Communication and Collaboration 

We believe that communication and collaboration are the keys to bringing sustainable change in the way we look at earth today. We collaborate on ideas to bring creativity to everything we do. We do believe that subtle changes to the way we collaborate have a huge impact on teamwork and pave pathways to productivity. At Applied Science, we ensure that we have optimal communication and collaboration with different engagement sessions that include:



The Work Environment at Applied Science Synspective

 Friendly, Casual, and Flexible

  • Friendly: Even our most reserved members value our credo of teamwork and collaboration.
  • Casual: People are free to personalize their offices and presentation styles
  • Flexible: Easy to work at your own pace and from home as long as you get tasks done and attend meetings


  We believe in trust-building in the team where everyone is at their best to propose the ideas and achieve it together. We also promote open communication and 1on 1 talk to ensure reachability to everyone in the organization for effective collaboration.

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