“I joined Synspective, because I enjoy fast paced working environment. What’s great about Synspective is that we own. our satellites. So, we can see any spot anytime. But, we’re not only a data provider. We are also a solution
provider. So, yesterday’s data are old data. These data vary in time in space. So, you need to develop skills to extract information from these bits and that’s very challenging. But, It’s very rewarding at the end of the day.”

– Krzysztof Orzeł, Chief Tech Lead of Radar Engineering


“What I enjoy the most, working at Synspective is diversities. It gives a good degree of freedom and I can define how I work. What I want to be. How I want to approach the goals. So, this
provides me a great steps to my future career.”

– Shuji Fujimaru, Manager of Radar Engineering



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