About This Webinar

This interactive session is designed to guide you through the steps involved in visually interpreting SAR data, particularly using GIS tools.

During this webinar, you’ll gain insights into the functionality and visualization techniques of QGIS specifically tailored for SAR data. You’ll have the opportunity to actively participate using data from our Data Gallery.

Understand the characteristics of data types such as GRD and SLC and learn practical techniques to overlay them on a geographic map.

You will also learn about the process of contrast adjustment and converting SAR data into image files.

Through these, participants will be guided to further applications. In addition, the session will teach participants how to understand and utilize the information through the decipherment of actual SAR data.

To wrap up, we’ll have a Q&A session where you can ask any questions directly. Whether you are a scientist, an educator, a student, or someone just interested in learning more about SAR data visualization and analysis. We invite you to join us in this informative session.

**NOTE: This webinar is a repeat of the previous webinar held on February 22, 2024


Date & Time: ​​​​Wednesday, June 26, 2024,​​​​​
05:30~06:30 PM Japan Standard Time (GMT+9)
04:30~05:30 PM Singapore Standard (GMT+8)​​​​​
02:00~03:00 PM India Standard Time (GMT+5:30)
08:30~09:30 AM United Kingdom (GMT)
Participation: Zoom