■What is the 6 month sprint?

Synspective’s unique employment contract system is based on Credo, specifically the concept of “Synergy of Spirit.” The system aims to ensure that both employees and the company share the same goals and that employees align their own goals with those of the company.

We operate in which all regular employees start with fixed-term employment every six months. After the first six to twelve months, depending on the time they joined and their evaluation results, employees are converted to permanent employment. They are treated as “full-time employees” from the time they join the company, and conditions, such as regular assessments based on the semi-annual evaluation system and various allowances, are the same as those of permanent employees. Although this may seem radical, the company has never had a case of non-renewal employment in the past.

There are many uncertainties and challenges in achieving Synspective’s mission, vision, and business plans. In such an environment, it is important for employees to continue to contribute to the team while also working on self-growth. We believe that a strong team requires a culture of shared values, collaboration, and taking on new challenges. 



 ■6 month sprint and performance evaluation system

We conduct semi-annual evaluations twice a year, from January to June and July to December, and this evaluation system also plays an important function during the 6 month sprint. Employees are evaluated on the basis of their contributions, demonstrated abilities, and knowledge commensurate with expected value and annual compensation. This is reflected in salary and stock options.

However, if an employee receives two evaluations that are below expectation, the contract will be reviewed to resolve any discrepancies. As already mentioned, there have been zero cases of non-renewal contracts, and the evaluation system emphasizes the following points in order to support employee contributions:

  1. Goal setting is not made unilaterally by the evaluator, but is a two-way process.
  2. Communicate frequently to ensure that the team (company) goals are aligned with your own goals.

With the aim of becoming an organization that confronts challenging businesses, we are implementing unique organizational development procedures. We are still in the process of developing as an organization and we are looking for people who are collaborative and who can create new value under great change and uncertainty. If this sounds like you, consider your next opportunity with us. 


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