Synspective is a one-stop solution provider using satellite-based observation data, aiming to realize a “learning world” that makes steady progress based on data.

We value “respect for learning and discussion”.


One of our activities to promote “respect for learning and discussion” within the company is “SynsForum”.

This is a conference-style study session that all employees participate in and is held once every quarter.


■ What is “SynsForum”?

At “SynsForum”, representatives from each team present the progress of their project and the lessons learned from their project experience. Since the content is in-depth and technical, it is important to make it understandable for other team members. Also, all presentations are conducted in English because over 30% of Synspective members are global members. While some of our members are not fully proficient in English, we are an inclusive and welcoming workspace and manage to effectively engage with one another.

As in a business conference, the title and outline of the presentation are shared with all team members in advance, and each member is free to participate in the session on the topic of their choice. After the presentation, there is a Q&A session, and the presenter may find new perspectives as he or she answers questions from other team members.

Additionally, satellite development members can learn about sales activities, while sales members and solution development members can learn about satellite development and operations. This may lead to a day when the solution development team’s knowledge drives innovation in satellite development!


■ Can “SynsForum” solve the challenges of a fast-growing startup?

This event has the benefit of solving two issues that many fast-growing startups face.

Issue1:As more and more new employees join the company, relationships with members of other departments become tenuous…

At Synspective, when we were still a staff of 30, we had a close relationship with everyone and knew their faces, names, and responsibilities. However, as the company grew to staff over 100 employees, we found it difficult to maintain close-knit working relationships with everyone.

Through “SynsForum”, we can learn about the work of other departments, which will further connect people and work. As a result, we will revitalize our internal communications.

Issue2:Too busy to share our individual learning…

As we challenge ourselves to do things we have never done before in order to create new value, we need to learn through trial and error and keep moving forward. To be honest, all of our employees are extremely busy. We are so busy with our daily work that we don’t have much time to record what we are learning. “SynsForum” is an event where we review our projects every quarter and deliver them as presentations, keeping a record of our activities and learning via documents and videos. This event is a great opportunity to transform individual learning and team learning into company-wide learning.


■ Summary

We believe that if individual members actively learn from their actions and experiences, and share their reflections and insights, the entire team can thoroughly accelerate the learning process and always pursue better results.

Synspective is looking for people who want to learn and grow together with global members and the company. If you are interested in creating experiences that matter, consider joining us. You can find out more about our open vacancies at our Careers page here.