We are excited to announce that Synspective has partnered with Croatian IT company Domidus Prime. Known for its consultancy services in the field of information and communication technologies (ICT), Domidus Prime through its partner network delivers cutting-edge spatial technology and data in Croatia and surrounding areas.



This collaboration stands as proof of our mutual commitment to improving the accessibility and application of cutting-edge SAR imagery in Croatian communities. Our primary goal is to aid the establishment of robust and sustainable practices in these markets. Leveraging each other’s strong points and specialties, we are confident that our partnership will catalyze significant progress in satellite imagery technology, thereby hastening local development and creating a profound societal impact.


About Domidus Prime: 

Domidus Prime d.o.o. provides consulting services in the domain of information and communication technologies (ICT). The services are primarily oriented towards achieving business transformation of clients through the use of information technology. We begin with the creation of conceptual solutions of an IT system that follows desired business transformation, transfers business processes in the IT domain, in order to accelerate the business process and automate it where it is feasible. We mostly provide specific knowledge (know-how) in the areas of spatial data management. This knowledge is established and strengthened through the support network of our partner companies, leaders in the application of new technologies, provision of real-time data, detection and analytics, machine learning, predictions and visualization. All this give us a distinctiveness in achieving excellence that we pass on to our clients.


About Synspective:

Synspective, established in 2018, is an end-to-end SAR satellite data and solution provider with the mission to realize a learning world for people to expand their capabilities and make tangible progress with new data and technologies.

With a SAR satellite constellation that enables high-frequency and high-resolution Earth observation, Synspective delivers satellite data and various solutions that combine SAR and IoT data with machine learning and data science techniques.