[Press Release]

Synspective has entered into a partnership with SoSiLA Chuo Rinkan, a logistics facility managed by Sumitomo Corporation (SC), to serve as the manufacturing and mass production base for future SAR satellites. The SoSiLA series focuses on the concepts of sociability, sustainability, and individuality, promoting ESG initiatives through advanced logistics facilities.




In Synspective’s strategic business plan, we’ve outlined a vision to launch a small SAR satellite constellation. Beginning with six units after 2024, we plan to expand to thirty units by the late 2020s. With an eye on the future, we anticipate scaling up our production.

To support our growth, we have forged a partnership with Tokyo Keiki* to establish a mass production facility. This not only strengthens our current infrastructure but also sets the stage for next-generation development. In April 2024, we will kick off operations at this new manufacturing base and are planning to onboard approximately 50 new employees.

*Press release with Tokyo Keiki: https://synspective.com/press-release/2022/tokyo-keiki/


■ New facility base details

Name SOSiLA Chuo Rinkan
Address 3-7-1 Chuo Rinkan Nishi, Yamato City, Kanagawa Prefecture
Base Area 46,256.61㎡
Total Floor Area 112,406.94㎡
Total Leased Area 8,594.52㎡
Construction Type Reinforced concrete, partially steel-framed, situated five stories above ground                                           


■ Selection Process

We chose this location due its rich talent pool in sectors such as space and automobile manufacturing. It’s conveniently bordered by both the Odakyu Odawara and Enoshima Lines, with a nearby Denentoshi Line station. Additionally, the easy access to the Ken-O and Tomei Expressways, coupled with nearby commercial facilities, makes it an ideal working environment.


■ Careers

To learn more about our open positions, please visit our careers page here.