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1. Customized solution service 

We collaborate together to develop new bespoke solutions for you by targeting your specific needs and combining your data (when applicable) with our satellite data and analytics technology.

Considering the end-users’ “business specifics”, “needs & challenges” and “know-how & data”, solution scenarios are newly built by utilizing satellite data.

We develop the prototype using an agile analytics development approach based on scenario *1, then verify the effectiveness of the product through real-world implementation.
*1: PoC (Proof of Concept)

We commercialize the prototype and keep improving the product with your feedback to get the solutions appropriately adjusted to the market needs *2.
*2: PMF (Product Market Fit).

We believe that the co-creation is key. Our satellite data solution is developed together with our customers and takes the vantage point of the end-users rather than that of the developers.



Solution design


Data collection





Solution as a Service (SaaS)

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2. Standard solution service

Synspective’s SaaS service *3, developed based on the needs of more than 100 potential satellite data users in the private sector.
*3: SaaS (Solution as a Service)

Our standard solutions services are now under development and expected to launch in 2020.

Given the great advantages of SAR data our aim is to make satellite data and solutions a preferred option across various industries by making it more accessible both through pricing and ease in implementation.

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