Synspective’s StriX-α has taken a beautiful SAR image of Eye of Africa, a huge Richat structure in Mauritania, Northwest Africa, unique for its earth containing predate life of Cambrian period.


Synspective SAR Stripmap Imagery of Eye of Africa, Richat Structure in Mauritania, captured in August 2021


The diameter of the structure is as large as 40 kilometers. StriX’s Stripmap mode can capture approximately 30 kilometers in swath width at maximum; hence, successfully captured a huge landform like Eye of Africa in one image. Comparatively large swath width is one of the strength of StriX series, in addition to it’s low NESZ (-22.7dbm2/m2 for Stripmap) and wide off-nadir angle availability (15-45 degree).


Synspective “StriX-α” SAR Stripmap Imagery, Mt. Fuji, a symbol of Japan