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Japanese Space Industry Startup “Synspective”
Raises US $100 Million


2019. July 26
Synspective Inc.


TOKYOSynspective Inc.,is a Japanese startup which provides satellite data solutions using small sized SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) satellites.


The company accumulated $100 million USD in funding since its foundation in February 2018. Raising that amount in less than 17 months makes Synspective the world’s fastest and Japan’s second highest funded space startup. The investment will help strengthen the company’s SAR satellite development, manufacturing systems, and solutions development.



Synspective provides one-stop solutions by satellite gathered geospatial data. The core technology was developed by the ImPACT program*led by The Cabinet Office, Government of Japan, building small SAR satellites and constellation, allowing frequent observation of areas of interest. Synspective uses SAR satellites to provide data and produce user-friendly information to Governments and Private Companies.


SAR satellites actively observe and acquire earth surface information by transmitting and receiving reflected microwaves.Compared to optical satellites, which depend on sunlight reflection, SAR can capture images of the ground surface in all-weather conditions and any time of the day or night.


Synspective’s Co-founder and CEO, Motoyuki Arai, commented that “Synspective’s first demonstration satellite is to be launched in 2020 and is steadily being developed. Customized solutions services have already been contracted by several companies, prior to launch. By providing objective satellite data, Synspective will contribute to the progress of the advancing world by supporting people’s decision-making and impactful actions”.




・Space aSTART 1 Limited Partnership


・JAFCO SV5 Investment Limited Partnership / JAFCO SV5-STAR Investment Limited Partnership

・Innovation Platform 1 Investment Limited Partnership

・Keio Innovation Initiative1,LPS

・Abies Ventures Fund I, L.P.

・MIRAI SOUZOU 1 Investment Limited Partnership

・Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation

・Fuyo General Lease Co.,Ltd.


・SBI AI&Blockchain LPS

・Mizuho Growth Fund No.3 Limited Partnership




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