August 26, 2021

Axelspace Corporation

Synspective Inc.


Axelspace and Synspective to Demonstrate

One-Stop Service of Small Satellite Constellation

under Support of the Government of Japan



Axelspace Corporation and Synspective Inc. announce a partnership to explore possibilities to provide a one-stop service of small satellite constellation, under the financial support of Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI).



METI adopted Axelspace and Synspective as promoters of its project to accelerate R&D and on-orbit demonstrations necessary to build a viable small satellite constellation. In this project, both companies will jointly demonstrate the versatile design applicable to various missions, flexible and scalable mass-production system, and highly automated operation system. Through the construction of small satellite constellations with optical and SAR sensors for Earth observation, Axelspace and Synspective will contribute to securing independence and competitiveness in Japan’s space activities.




About Synspective Inc.

Synspective provides one-stop solutions using geospatial data from its own SAR satellites, upon its mission to create a progressive world based on real data. The core technology was developed by the ImPACT program led by The Cabinet Office, Government of Japan. Synspective is building a constellation of its own small SAR satellites to provide its data and analytic information to governments and commercial outfits.

Founded: February 22, 2018

Location: 3-10-3 Miyoshi, Koto-ku, Tokyo

Representative: Motoyuki Arai, CEO



About Axelspace Corporation

Head office location: Clip Nihonbashi Building, 3-3-3 Nihonbashi-Honcho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0023, Japan

President & CEO:  Yuya Nakamura

Establishment:  August 8, 2008

Capital stock: 7,122 Million JPY (including capital reserve)

Main business content: Solutions based on microsatellite technology, design and production of microsatellites and related components, launch arrangements and operational support, business related to microsatellite data



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