We are excited to announce that our SAR application Engineer, Dr. Yu Morishita, will speak at the 12th International Workshop on “Advances in the Science and Applications of SAR Interferometry and Sentinel-1 InSAR” – FRINGE 2023 –, which is co-organized by the European Space Agency and the University of Leeds. 


“FRINGE 2023” Conference Information

Duration: September 11- 15, 2023

Place: University of Leeds, UK

URL: https://fringe2023.esa.int/


Dr. Morishita will give his presentation in the “4.03.b: Missions 2” session.

Time: Sepember 14, 2023: 3:20 – 3:40 pm (20 min)

Location: Auditorium II

Presentation Title: Synspective’s Small X-Band SAR Satellite (StriX) Constellation and its First InSAR Results