Synspective’s StriX-α has taken a SAR Sliding Spotlight image of The Chuquicamata Mine, Located in the North of Chile.

The Chuquicamata Mine, Chile taken on February 26, 2022

About the Chuquicamata Mine
Located in the North of Chile near the town of Calama, the Chuquicamata Mine is the largest open pit copper mine in terms of excavated volume in the world. The mine opened in 1882 and is mainly being mined for Copper and Gold.

– In this image, the terraces are clearly distinguishable, showcasing how deep the mine currently is.

– SAR images have the advantage over optical satellite images when it comes to the dimensions of the target structure. With the similar colors of the ever changing mine pit formation, SAR is capable of capturing precise dimensions of the actual mine.

– Because of the large amount of ground deformations and movements, the safety risks are very high in mines. Read more about how Synspective’s Land Displacement Monitoring solution can help with safety in mines HERE.


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